Sunday, July 15, 2007

Have you seen 'A Mother's Desperation'?

I have not seen HBO's Addiction program. But I came upon their "Supplementary Series" and the short programs titled "A Mother's Desperation."

I could relate to the concern of this mother, having spent the first years of my son's addiction in the same general vicinity. Now that about 2000 miles separate us, the concern and angst--the desperation to do something constructive that can help get my child into detox and treatment--is no less than hers.

Take a few minutes and see how this mother handled it. If you've been through this, what do you think? Is she too involved? Should she have just let circumstances develop as they were?

Knowing that for some addicts, "hitting bottom" is death--is there a better way for families to help their addicted loved ones get into treatment?

I would appreciate hearing from you. The lives of my son, his wife and my one-year-old granddaughter are at stake.

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kel said...

I know first hand that there is a very fine line between being codependent and trying to save our children. When my son was spiraling out of control with his drug abuse and addiction I did every thing in my power to get him to get into treatment, including taking him to court. He finished 15 months of day treatment a littl emore than a month ago and he has been drinking and I am sure smoking pot again, and I can only pray he hasnt gone back to cocaine and crack etc. I do believe we saved his life or at least bought him time. Hopefully, in time he will mature and choose sobriety for himself. My best to you and yours.


Alene said...

Kel, I know you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing what's going on in your life, it does help to know that others understand. Some days, after riding the addiction-recovery-relapse roller coaster for 14 years, the insanity of it all just seems like normalcy. When it was just my son damaging himself and his own life, it was different--still sad, but different. Now two other lives hang in the balance, one who is addicted and responsible for herself but another who is dependent on these two for her very life. It makes for some very hard decisions. Thanks for listening.